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Customs Service

Elledi Spa is a point of reference with over thirty years of experience in Customs Consultancy. It provides customers with all the answers required for importing and exporting goods, even for the less frequent types.

Electronic Data Interchange

Our E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange) system and Local Customs Clearance Procedures allow us to quickly produce all the documents necessary for the importation and/or exportation of goods.


Customs procedures for exports

  • Definitive exports;
  • Temporary exports;
  • Triangulation exports;
  • Exports for goods undergoing processing;
  • Exports for Outward Processing Procedure;
  • Exports linked to Community Transits;
  • Issuing of EUR 1, EUR MED and ATR certificates

Customs procedures for imports

  • Definitive imports;
  • Temporary imports;
  • Imports for Inward Processing Procedure;
  • Importation with goods entering our CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE/VAT WAREHOUSE;
  • Reimportation to release Temporary Exports;
  • Duty-free importation of Community goods re-entering;
  • Re-shipment of goods in Transit.

Management of the customs warehouse and VAT fiscal warehouse

Elledi Spa offers a Customs Warehouse located in Grassobbio (BG) to import/export companies. There are many advantages in being able to use a Customs Warehouse for customers:

  • No advance payments for duties and taxes;
  • No application of duties and taxes for goods destined for non-EU markets passing through Italy;
  • The goods can be inspected by potential buyers;
  • The goods can undergo further processing operations (labelling, repackaging, blister packing, etc.).

Intrastat declaration

Intrastat declarations must be submitted electronically to the Customs Agency. The deadline for submission is fixed, and may be monthly or quarterly, either for purchase or sale of goods and/or services with other parties from other intra-Community countries. Monthly and/or quarterly Intrastat declarations are handled by competent and up-to-date team at our specific department.

  • The submission process includes:
  • Correctly filling in the specific form (sale/purchase of goods/services)
  • Submitting the Intrastat declaration to the Customs Agency electronically
  • Handing over a copy of the Intrastat Declaration with title page and details.

Services connected to overseas trade

We are able to request on your behalf documentation and certifications concerning overseas trade:

  • Certificates of origin
  • Visas from Consulates and Chambers of Commerce
  • ATA Carnet management

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