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International courier

International deliveries by express courier are in increasing demand due to the frenetic and unpredictable rhythms within companies.

Courier services throughout the world

However, in-depth knowledge of the sector is needed to avoid excessive costs but above all unexpected factors that may halt delivery, such as weight, contents or documentation.

International express deliveries: choose the best

Drawing on over twenty years of experience with leading express couriers operating in the global market, Elledi Spa offers its customers the possibility of choosing the best courier according to the type of goods and required timeframe, for every destination in Europe and throughout the world.
Couriers offer different express courier services, each with different restrictions (transit times, difficult-to-reach areas, weight and size restrictions, etc.). Our company combines this information so that customers’ goods are sent based on their actual needs, without waste or surprises.

One interlocutor for all your international deliveries

Choosing Elledi Spa means having just one point of contact, being free to use any express courier and reducing to a minimum the laborious search for a service that meets the needs of the sender/addressee and delivery method required, without fuel surcharge costs.
The service also includes the completion of customs procedures, which is carried out by our in-house department specialized in these delicate procedures. .
The collection of goods and their sorting for forwarding are managed directly by our organization to ensure great care is taken when handling goods.

Here are the express services we offer:

•    Express service with guaranteed delivery*
•    Express service with delivery within 24 hours
•    Express service with delivery within 48/96 hours
•    Express national service

* For express services with guaranteed delivery, check if feasible by contacting our shipping department.

Online tracking and monitoring of express courier deliveries

The online tracking service is also included free of charge for international express deliveries.
This service provides our customers with a reserved area for managing ongoing deliveries and for downloading all forwarding documents, including those involving completed deliveries.
To receive a free quote for your international express deliveries, fill in the form alongside and you’ll be contacted shortly.

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