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Warehouse Management Service 

e-commerce for outsourced e-commerce operations

The management of an outsourced e-commerce warehouse is a strategic, organizational choice in a rapidly growing sector in which business is increasingly being conducted on-line. With its highly qualified and carefully trained staff, Elledi Spa is involved in all stages of warehouse management for e-commerce. By continuously updating our working methods, we are able to guarantee superior results even in terms of e-commerce logistics.

Management of the warehouse: a fundamental part of an e-commerce business

The management of a warehouse for online sales is a key factor for success: customer satisfaction also depends on the speed with which the product purchased is received.
The direct management of a warehouse and of deliveries is very complex and requires economic investments (space for storage and staff for handling the products): underestimating this may jeopardize the success of the business.

Elledi Spa and e-commerce logistics

Elledi spa delivers professional solutions and expertise in e-commerce logistics, ranging from the receipt of goods to their storage, shipment and delivery. We provide all the tools necessary for perfect e-commerce warehouse management, such as:
Automatic updating of stock
• Real-time monitoring of the situation in the warehouse
• Management of returns
• Reliability of shipments with tracking options.