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Sea shipment

We offer sea shipment services to and from the main world sea ports located along import and export routes.

Guaranteed customer service

We view ourselves not only as your freight forwarder, but also as a strategic partner for the smooth shipping of your sea freight.
Our guaranteed telephone support service allows customers to track their shipments, check customs documentation and follow loading and unloading procedures in real time.
We are able to handle loads of all dimensions using the main types and sizes of container approved by the international standards for sea freight, with options ranging from full container load shipments to less-than-container load shipments, as well as groupage.
Our experience in studying the correct arrangement of cargo inside the ship’s hold allows us to handle also the so-called project cargo, i.e. items of cargo with non-standard width (over 2.5 metres).

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International sea freight: cut times and costs

Thanks to our in-house customs procedure management service, we maintain contact with the territorial and border customs authorities of the various departure and destination ports.
This organizational structure allows us to cut shipping times considerably, as there are no delays in delivering goods, so that we can offer also lower shipping costs.
​​​​​​​Shipping process efficiency is also guaranteed by insourcing certain key processes, such as our weighbridge certified for VGM verification (mandatory from 1st July 2016 and often the reason for delays in case of shipments without weight certification on arrival at the port).

Full service sea transport

Our container sea transport service includes all strategic aspects for importing and exporting goods:

  • Consolidation of goods
  • Management of shipping documents
  • Assistance in selecting sea freight insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Filing of customers’ shipping documentation

Online tracking and monitoring of shipment

An online tracking service is included in the shipping cost. This service provides our customers with a reserved area for managing ongoing and for downloading all shipping documents, including those concerning completed deliveries.
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