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International overland forwarding

Freight transported internationally often needs to be moved by trucks – either as the main carrier or as a means of transfer from the departure warehouse to the port or airport.

International Network

Elledi Spa offers an efficient international land freight forwarding service, with a network of over 10,000 professional truck drivers located in 23 countries. It is able to deliver almost any type of freight to every corner of the globe, with collection and delivery both day and night.
International transport by road may also include groupage shipment for both imports and exports, allowing loads to be optimized and offering highly competitive prices.
Depending on the destination or origin of your goods, the transport links may be daily or weekly.
The land freight forwarding service includes the complete management of customs procedures and online tracking of deliveries.

Land freight: when punctuality is everything

Forwarding freight by road is a critical aspect of the wider sector of integrated logistics, since the efficiency of the entire distribution system depends on this type of transport which is used to reach the delivery warehouse from freight terminals, airports and railway stations. Elledi Spa offers an international road transport service with complete loads for import and export to and from all places accessible by road, using different vehicles, such as vans or trucks (trailer and semi-trailer). The careful selection of carriers allows us to guarantee reliability and professionalism in calculating travel times, transporting goods and observing the agreements undertaken.

Goods and sizes available for transport by road

Elledi Spa is able to transport all types of goods and loads, without limitations, worldwide, and is even able to organize the transport of exceptional loads.

  • Full load or groupage options worldwide
  • Door-to-door delivery, also by express service
  • Complex ad hoc freight operations and transport of perishable or dangerous goods
  • Bespoke forwarding services to observe collection and delivery times, without transhipments

Online tracking and monitoring of land freight

The online tracking service is also included free of charge for land freight. This service provides our customers with a reserved area for managing ongoing shipments and for downloading all shipping documents, including those concerning completed deliveries. To receive a free quote for your international land freight forwarding solution, fill in the form alongside and you’ll be contacted shortly.

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